Friday, February 4, 2011

Let me be your ITguy!

Hi! I'm Rich Allcorn, your IT Guy!

Welcome to my information blog site, where hopefully most of your questions will be answered ... about "me"!

I put this page together to make my information available to interested clients and customers, with the hopes that they can better understand my experience and expertise in the field of Systems Engineering in the IT World of Computers!

Please find my contact information, and a bio brief below, which summarizes in a brief synopsis the history of my experience, and my exposure, to computers, operating systems, and the technologies that make them all work together!

Should you have further questions, I think it would be time for an interview ... a face-to-face visit so that you can settle any concerns you may have about me, or my abilities.

I "can do" whatever job you have that needs to be done! If I cannot, I'll either learn how or find someone who can do it better than I can - whichever better serves your needs.

I am looking forward to working with you soon!